%% The =First Harmony: %% # Welcome to The Harmony! Hello, and welcome! How do you do? We’re playing a game here to create something new: a “meta-community” across time and %% relative dimension in %% space, with the goal being to serve the whole human race! We believe that our world does not do enough to make everyone—or the planet—feel loved. We believe in a better society for all, where you can be yourself, feel proud and stand tall. We’re not about politics, science or fiction; it's not a religion, or some competition. We’re simply here to have fun and to play, and cultivate love in our lives every day. We do this intentionally, with purpose in mind, and a growing vocabulary to help us be kind—to ourselves and to others, and to our sweet Earth—with the language of love that we speak from our birth. We apply these cool teachings in all that we do: our work and our hobbies, relationships, too! We support one another through growth and through healing—not for rewards, but just for the feeling. Because it feels good when you act from the heart, when you feel so connected that you co-create art. So come join the harmony, learn all that you’d like to make your life better with joy and delight. We’ll teach you the rules and show how we play, so one day you get to rewrite them and say: > I made a small piece of this, I’ve added my art. > My small contribution from a life lived with heart. > I’m now part of something that’s bigger than me: > a new way of life, lived in true harmony. Together we’re stronger, united we stand, to live in abundance with the world in our hands. We’ll make something awesome, amazing, astounding! We’ll live better lives in this new world we’re founding. A world for us all, made with joyful creation; a society built on more loving foundations. Last but not least (and to finish this rhyme), we want to remind you to **have a great time!** Life is here *for* you, to live a great story—so [[We're All Just Stories In The End|make it a good one]], and live yours in glory. Welcome to <nobr>***Love First***</nobr> * * * *The Story Of **Love: The First Harmony** continues with:* - [[Our Mission]] %% Why we do this %% - Our [[North Star]]: [[How To Create A World That Works With Love For All Of Us|We Are Creating A World Made With Love]] - [[Universal Love|A New Introduction To Love]] ![[footer]] %% ---- Planned content list to select a couple key items from and include (as a flat list) at the bottom of this piece on Medium: - START HERE - What is Love First - An Idea About Love - A New Social Contract - A Shared Identity _(As A Prefix)_ - A Bold Vision For A Better Future - A New Source Of Harmony - A Framework - How It Works - The Elements Of Love - The Universal Growth Model - The Practices / Practicing Love As A Verb - Love Interpretation 101 - Love Cultivation 101 - 13 Models For Life & Love - Project 0: Harmony - The Harmony System - Founding Documents - A Declaration Of Interdependence - A Charter Of Harmony - A Manifesto For Love - Pinkprints & Blueprints - Essays - Love First People - Love First Communities - … - Love First World - Everything Is • - • A Story - • A Spectrum - • A Game - • A Skill - • A Bubble - • Connected - • Holographic - • Communication - • Fine - • Political - • Consciousness %%